Onnivaattori in English


I’m turning my blog from Finnish to bilingual Finnish-English, as an answer to some english-speaking friends’ requests, and hoping to get some new readers from a bigger audience.

The story behind this blog called Onnivaattori needs to be told first. I have always been curious about ”self-leadership” – what does it mean? Am I the captain of my life, or am I just floating along in the collective flow of other minds? I wrote a book called ”Onnivaattori”, in Finnish, and started this blog as a byproduct of my writing process.

The name is not really Finnish, I played with words. We have the word Innovaattori, taken from English – Innovator. By coincidence ”inno” in Finnish refers to enthusiasm, inspiration, excitement, energy. Another coincidence is that the word ”onni” means happiness; I only changed the places of I and O. So I thought that the word ”Onnivaattori” could be something that creates continuous happiness inside me. You can visualise Onnivaattori as a machine that hums inside you, or as an empty space that allows you to take every moment more spaciously. My happiness happens in relations and encounters with other people, but I take full responsibility of it. If I’m feeling miserable right now, I don’t blame external circumstances or other people, I look deeply inside and ask my inner Onnivaattori for advice. That is self-leadership; taking responsibility of my mind and feelings, concentrating my thoughts, being fully present in this moment, choosing my direction towards benevolence, light and happiness.

Perhaps ”Onnivaattori” translates to ”Happyvator”? Is that a proper word in English?

OnnivaattoriAnyway, the book Onnivaattori is the story of me, a 56-year old man, exploring my inner world in search of my personal Onnivaattori, way of being happy in this moment, and living every situation to its fullest potential. Not focusing on my doing, but the quality of my being. And how to open up my inner happiness to others, in everyday life. This includes working life.

This blog started in October 2014, and the book was published in January 2015. Since the book was in Finnish, I wrote the blog in Finnish as well. Now I’m adding some material in English, and the Onnivaattori inside me is humming my next dream: ”translate the book into English, you will find more people and learn more that way”.

On the right, you will find categories: Finnish/English/Mixed. I started writing in Finnish only, then I added to some of my posts a short summary in English, and now I will start writing posts both in Finnish and English. I have also made some short videoclips, and will add English subtitles from now on – or speak English. So, choose category English. If you want to look at the old posts to check the English summaries in the end, choose Mixed.

cropped-screen-shot-2014-09-14-at-21-31-41.pngI’m looking forward to meeting new readers. Turn on your own Onnivaattori!

All the best, Pekka



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