World Peace. Now.

“Yep, it would be great to meet… let’s get back to this when it calms down”.

I hear this often. We’re so busy right now. But just wait for “it” to calm down. What is “it”? Are we waiting the world around us to settle down? Are we saying that I will calm down as soon as external disturbances cease?

They won’t. Stop waiting.

Would it be more honest to say: “Let’s meet as soon as I have calmed down”. Your peace and your restlessness is inside you, and therefore fully in your power. If you want peace, calm down. Do it right now, not later.

Peace is a place, or rather a state of mind, where being is more important than doing. Peace invites more peace – harmony, grace, love, clarity, compassion, and strength. Or is peace a journey, a path of personal renewal, that takes a lifetime? Presence is peace. Presence also calms down your environment.

A present mind is an angel of peace. Be the peace you want to see in the world.

Nothing is as simple as being yourself. Nothing is as powerful and effective as being yourself. All you need is peace inside you. And you don’t need to go far to find it. Your peace is already inside you. Just accept it, be the peace.

The world is what you construct in your mind. You are the creator of your world. What a privilege, what a responsibility! Peace to your world. Let your peace infect everyone you meet. Including the work place.

Worldpeace. Workpeace. Now.

– All the best, Pekka



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