All is well, do not fear

My mother died exactly a year ago. Cancer overwhelmed her body, but not spirit. She faced the situation as it was. She took command, telling doctors and her family what was going happen and how she wanted things to proceed. In the final stage she refused treatment and even water to “speed things up”, as she expressed it.

Her last words for me, two days before she passed away, went like this: “all is well, do not fear”.

I’ve been following her training programme one year now. I’m still afraid, but my fear is getting smaller. I feel an inner peace growing day by day. It feels like a homecoming, or liberation.

Under normal circumstances my mother was an ordinary person. When life presented an ultimate challenge, she took it and showed what self-leadership is about:

  • Accept this moment, also when things are tough or even unbearable
  • Be totally present and listen to your inner voice
  • Know what you want and communicate your intentions clearly
  • Listen to what others think, and then choose your direction
  • Walk the path you’ve chosen without fear, or despite of fear

I’m not a master in self-leadership, but I have seen how masters behave under extreme pressure. Thank you mother.

– Your son


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