Opening up

We live in a time of disruption. Many borders and rules are collapsing. What does this mean in my life? What should I do if my environment seems a bit scary and unpredictable?

A familiar fear-based reaction is to tighten my personal frontier guard, thicken my mental armour, focus on old thruths and meet familiar people. I have tried that approach before, quite often. Do I have any alternatives?

Could I experiment a curiosity reaction: opening up and exploring my surroundings, at a risk level and manner that is natural for me?

What kind of opening path do I want to start? What is my first step? Which alien thought, experience or person I dare to encounter? Just to test what happens, out of curiosity. Or am I curious about my inner world, should I open up to my real self?

How does a family open up? What happens then? Who starts it? What if I, instead of opening TV this evening, opened my mind? I could be present without doing anything… and see if something new emerges to that space? Which interests me more – the TV or my family?

What about the workplace? What should our team or organisation open to? In which direction would there be wonderful opportunities for learning, new relationships, new business? Who starts the discussion, who invites others to the path of renewal? Could it be me?

– all the best,  Pekka

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