Plan Be

Not a single fresh thought or inspired insight this week. Why not? Because I’ve been busy. Important things to do. Maybe next week?

Or should I stop now, why wait till next week? I could let my thoughts drift, come or go or stop, reform themselves, find new paths. Without any expectations. Just Being.

A dull moment is the door to creativeness. By doing less I make space for being. When my outer life slows down, my inner creativity and imagination intensifies. 

I simply have more time to notice the subtle whispers of my mind.

Coaching Corner: (reflect alone) Are you afraid of dullness? Do you escape to the shelter of your mobile phone or busy work? If you would let your mind drift, where would it go?  => (start dialogue) Think about the communities of your life – family, your team at work, organisation, friends – can you start discussions on “Plan Be”, the art of being together?

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