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Hunter-gatherers of a new era

We have the brains of hunter-gatherers. Born on the savannah a long time ago.Now most of us are in cities. We’re sitting in offices, staring at laptops and mobile phones, galloping from one meeting to another. Multi-hustling.What are we hunting and gathering now? How does that affect our environment? What if we hunted meaning and… Continue reading Hunter-gatherers of a new era

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Gate to Serenity

I have to let go of my life story, and surrender to Life. I have to listen to this moment, with all my being. I have to focus on the vertical stick, and take a more playful and spacious attitude to the horizontal stick.

Perhaps this insight will open the Gate to Serenity, in the midst of a busy everyday?

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Open your mind, heart and will

What is stopping me from sliding smoothly downwards the U-curve? Why do I fall into blindly repeating old patterns of behaviour, not seeing situations with fresh eyes, as they really are? Why is downloading so common? Inner work, self-leadership, being awake - whatever you want to call it - is hard work. We all have to face three enemies, inner voices of resistance: voice of judgement, voice of cynicism, and voice of fear.

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Help Your Brain By Exercising During the Workday

Is your work spilling over to your free time? My work is so wild that it's more like a tsunami, invading my evenings, weekends and nigths. I'm having trouble sleeping, my brains are so excited. At the same time my work is becoming more demanding. I have to be present and sensitive, I cannot listen… Continue reading Help Your Brain By Exercising During the Workday